"Rosegardens" - Lisa Adams, Queensland, 2008


"Rosegardens" - Lisa Adams, Queensland, 2008

lighterfluidgetsmedrunk said: but isn't misogyny something very fundamentally different than racism or class oppression which include men? don't oppressed races or classes seem to treat their women just as badly as the ruling class if not worse they're just again as i was saying earlier, more 'chaotic' whereas the ruling class misogyny tends to be more methodical? you talk of misogyny as if it's something created by society, wouldn't it be more apt to say that some societies are better at repressing it than others?


"but isn’t misogyny something very fundamentally different than racism or class oppression which include men?" my point is that I disagree with that assertion.

I didn’t say misogyny was something created by society. You seem to really want me to discuss misogyny in a vacuum, but if you’re going to ask me why misogyny exists there’s no way I will do that. That’s not how I think. 

When early colonizers were traveling to Africa to colonize their land & oppress based on race, they were also raping African women. 

In other news, you’re definitely categorizing those not in the “ruling class” as brutish barbarians…

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4th Haim show in LA in 10 months. I’ve seen them each time they have their welcome show!

4th Haim show in LA in 10 months. I’ve seen them each time they have their welcome show!

Two more Christian colleges win the right to discriminate against LGBT students


The Department of Education has given two more Christian institutions a “religious exemption” to Title IX, allowing them to openly and legally discriminate against transgender students.

Title IX is the federal regulation that outlaws sex discrimination in education, and it was recently clarified to include anti-trans discrimination. When it is ignored, the consequences could range anywhere from denial of housing to expulsion. 

Spring Arbor University in Michigan requested exemption with regards to admission, behavior, housing, athletics, restroom access and more, opening the door to discrimination against any student who is not cis and straight, but especially against trans students. Similarly, Simpson University in California basically expressed outright their need to discriminate against LGBT students for the sake of adhering to Biblical principles. 

Earlier this month, George Fox University also received a Title IX exemption in order to deny a trans student housing. 

Simpson University made a similar case for its exemption to Title IX. Its request — approved by the Education Department — cited its affiliation with the Christian and Missionary Alliance to say that it must discriminate against both gay people and transgender people. “[S]exual practices that are divorced from loving, covenental relationships between men and women pervert God’s intentions and result in sinful behavior that ruptures relationships between men and women, and erodes the relationship between human beings and their creator.” The letter goes on to say that “any individual who violates campus standard for biblical living is subject to discipline, including expulsion.”

Education Department officials have said that they have no choice but to grant exemptions that are based on colleges’ religious beliefs. The colleges’ policies are not new, but the Education Department only recently determined that Title IX protects transgender students. [emphasis added]

This is SO. MESSED. UP. We cannot keep enforcing the idea that religion gets you a free pass to discriminate freely. This system is broken.

There is no historically consistent justification for the exclusion of women from healing roles. Witches were attacked for being pragmatic, empirical, and immoral. But in the nineteenth century the rhetoric reversed: women became too unscientific, delicate, and sentimental. The stereotypes change to suit male convenience—we don’t.



the truth is out there.

i watched this high and nearly shat myself


A batch of wonderful book dedications.